Chapter 1: Wi-Fi Setup Guide

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In this guide, we will walk through the Wi-Fi setting. It should be easy in most cases, but sometimes it's tricky. Therefore, we advise you go through the Wi-Fi setting with this guide, and contact us if you encounter any issue.

[Prior setup]

1. Make sure your router doesn't block connection between LAN and WLAN, and your FLUX Delta+ and laptop is connected to the same router.

2. FLUX Delta+ only supports 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi.

3. The encryption of the router is recommended to be WPA2-PSK or WPA2-PSK/WPA-PSK Mixed.

4. The distance between the router and your FLUX Delta+ should be within 5 meters (16 ft.)

6. Old routers (more than 8 years) might not work.


Step 1: Activate FLUX Studio and connect FLUX Delta+ to your laptop using FLUX USB cable.
Troubleshooting: USB Device not found

Step 2: Name your FLUX Delta+

If you're going to use the machine as Wi-Fi station mode, make sure there is only alphabets, digits, underscore, and dash in the name. The name will be also used as the name of the Wi-Fi station ( SSID ).

Step 3: Select your preferred network

Troubleshooting: No Wi-Fi found

Step 4: Connect

Troubleshooting: "Unable to Connect" when selecting Wi-Fi

Step 5: Good to go!

Step 6: Tutorial

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Troubleshooting: FLUX Device not found

If you are stuck at any step, please submit a support request to our support staff. When submitting a request, please let us know the OS version of your laptop including 32bit/64bit. 





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