Chapter 3: Engraving with Laser

Before we start 

Before we start engraving, let’s get to know some basic engraving terms in FLUX Studio.


Choose the material of the workpiece. We already set the best parameters for common materials in the software, you can see them in the advanced dialog. For more info about the materials, please see: Can I engrave on this or that?


Turn on / off for the shading effect. The following images show the difference with/without shading.

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As show in the diagram below, it is the thickness of your workpiece.


You can set advanced parameters to meet your needs. For definitions of advanced parameters, please see: What do the adjustable parameters affect?



WARNING! Laser module creates high power laser beams, DO NOT stare at the beams during engraving process without wearing safety goggles and DO NOT leave the machine unattended. Children are strongly advised to operate under supervision. 

Operation Steps

STEP 1 :

Push down the latch on the holder module and insert the laser module. Make sure the POGO pins are aligned.

Note: the laser engraving toolhead contains laser module and holder module and are installed together in the box.

STEP 2 :

Install the laser engraving toolhead to your FLUX Delta+.

STEP 3 :

Align and set the workpiece on the metal base plate firmly.

STEP 4 :

Switch to ENGRAVE function in FLUX Studio and import the SVG file.

STEP 5 :

Adjust the parameters accordingly and make sure that you understand the definitions of each parameter before proceeding. 

STEP 6 :

Press start and enjoy!



For more engraving tips, please go to this link.

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