Troubleshooting: Miscellaneous Error Codes

Following error codes are generated randomly sometimes.

If you encountered following errors, save the bug report, and then restart the machine to see if the error can be solved:

1. UNKNOWN_ERROR: "[UE] Please restart FLUX Studio"

2. OPERATION_ERROR: "[OE] A status conflict occurred, please retry the action."

3. SUBSYSTEM_ERROR: "[SE] Please restart the machine."

4. UNKNOWN_COMMAND: "[UC] Please update the Delta+/Delta Firmware"

5. RESOURCE_BUSY: "[RB] Please restart the machine, or try again."

6. HARDWARE_ERROR_MAINBOARD_ERROR: '#401 Critical Error: Mainboard offline. Please contact FLUX Support.'

7. HARDWARE_ERROR_SUBSYSTEM_ERROR: '#402 Critical Error: Subsystem no response. Please contact FLUX Support.',

If you still encounter the same error, please contact technical support for further troubleshooting.

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