Chapter 6. Vinyl Cutting with a Swing

Before we start

Before we start cutting, let’s get to know some basic terms in FLUX Studio.

Height Offset: The preset value is 0, if the vinyl sheet is thicker, adjust the height to -0.05 or -0.1.

Speed: The cutting speed, usually you don't have to adjust the speed. If you're cutting numerous simple shapes, you can speed up. Slow down if the shapes are more complicated. 

Blade Radius: If you're using the blade FLUX provided, the preset should be 0.5mm. This value is used for the error compensation value when the blade tip is not placed at the center of the axis.


About the material

The cutting toolhead is mainly focused on vinyl. You can get them at our online store or in crafts shops. We don't recommend this toolhead to be used on papers. The toolhead could be used on thin Bristol boards as well.


About the file type

The cutting feature supports SVG files, please refer to How to create SVG files for vinyl cutting?


Software and Firmware Versions: 

FLUX Studio 0.8.0

FLUX Delta+ / FLUX Delta Firmware 1.6.56


Instructions (Please turn on English Subtitles)

1. Assembling the cutting toolhead(Please refer to step 1 - 2 in the manual)

Remove the blade from the plastic cap and insert it to the blade module. 


2. Putting on the magnetic cutting mat(Please refer to step 3 - 6 in the manual)


3. Horizontal Adjustment(Please refer to step 7 - 8 in the manual)

The blade should stick out at least 1mm. Open FLUX Studio and run the horizontal adjustment.


4. Blade Adjustment(Please refer to step 9 - 10 in the manual)

Remove the toolhead from the machine, and adjust the blade height till it sticks out about 0.5mm. Try cutting a vinyl sheet holding the toolhead. Adjust the blade height and make sure it could cut through, but not the release paper.

Note: Blade adjustment and height adjustment are required when changing to different vinyl sheets. 


5. Height Adjustment(Please refer to step 11 - 12 in the manual)

Place the vinyl sheet on the cutting mat, put the toolhead back on the FLUX machine and run height adjustment. 


6. Start Cutting

After the adjustment test, import the SVG file to start cutting.(learn how to make SVG files

Test file: logo.svg


7. How to Clean Up a Sticker 

Use tweezers to remove the unneeded parts from the sheet.


8. Transfer Tape

Use a tranfer tape to move the sticker to the desired destination. 


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