Troubleshooting: "Unable to Connect" when selecting USB ( Windows )

If you keep encounter this issue, please do the following steps:

  1. If you received FLUX Studio before April 2017, please update the firmware of your FLUX Delta/Delta+ to v1.6.58+. To update the FLUX machine firmware, kindly refer to this article. Install FLUX Studio with version at least v0.8.1+.

  2. Plug the FLUX Link Cable, and connect your PC and FLUX machine. Make sure the green light shows flickering or steady on.

  3. Confirm the device "FLUX Link Cable" appears in libusb-win32 devices and the icon is without question mark at device manager (search “device manager” at windows start menu). If the icon shows question mark, you'll need to install FLUX Link Cable Driver for windows. If the item doesn't show up, plug the usb to another port. If the icon shows up without question mark, make sure the green light of the machine shows flickering or steady on.


  4. Now you should be able to connect the machine, if you can't solve this issue with the instruction, please contact to our customer support. Thank you!



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