How to Change Color Between Layers of a Print


*Let's take FLUX three-colored-coaster as an example. The colors from bottom to top are white, black and white. In this case, we have to change color twice. (You can download the file at the bottom of this tutorial.)


Step. 1 Input the STL or OBJ file of the model to FLUX Studio.

Step. 2 Go to ADVANCED -> choose Cura2 as slicing engine. 

Step. 3 Click PREVIEW, move the number of layers and choose the layer(s) you want to change color(s).
           * In this case, we want to change color at layer 14 and 27.



Step. 4 Go to ADVANCED -> Expert. Set "pause_at _layers=" to  "pause_at _layers=14,27", click APPLY.
           * Please note that no space after the comma.



Step. 5 The printer will pause automatically at layer 14 and 27 when printing. Please change printing material as before.
           * UNLOAD FILAMENT -> take out the original filament -> put in the filament you need -> LOAD                       FILAMENT


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