Update the firmware of FLUX Delta

First Time Update: Through USB drive

** Make sure your usb drive is formatted as FAT32 and the storage size is less than 64 GB **

1. Download the latest firmware file ( with .fxfw as file extension ), copy it to your USB Drive

2. Rename it into autoupdate.fxfw

3. Plug the USB drive into the machine and restart it ( Reattach the power cord), and the light signal will go through white-breathing, white-red switching, white & red, and then back to white-breathing and green-breathing.

4. Done


Through FLUX Studio 

After you updated the firmware first time, you are able to update the firmware with the easiest way.

1. Download latest firmware file ( with .fxfw as file extension )

2. Go to ( Top Menu / Device ) > [ Your machine name ] > Firmware update



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