What do the adjustable parameters affect?

For now, there are three basic parameters that can be adjusted. Here we are going to introduce how these three parameters can affect your engraving results.

1. Object height

The reason FLUX Studio needs the object height is to focus the laser. If the laser is out of focus, the power will decline significantly and not operate as it should be. So before you use the laser function you should measure the height accurately and keep it level on the platform.

2. Power

The power of the laser is adjustable from 0mW to 200mW. The principle of laser engraving is carving a trace by burning the surface with powerful laser, so the power have to be strong enough for the material to reach its ignition point or it will always remain unscathed.

3. Laser speed

The moving speed of the laser can also affect the result. The longer the laser stay at one point, the deeper the trace will be carved. Laser speed will also become more dominant if the trajectory has sharp corners since speed is confined by mechanical design can it cannot turn around with extra-high speed.

We have tested common materials and find out the best suitable parameters for you, but you can always try adjusting the ratio of power and laser speed to produce distinct effect. Have fun with this awesome function!


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