Setting wifi configuration wirelessly

This guide will show you how to upgrade your FLUX Delta to support setting wifi configuration wirelessly in 4 steps. ( Only for computers that support wifi, if you need setting for Desktop Computers - please see another guide )


Step 1. Get serial number of the machine

1. Remove printing plate 

2. The serial number is located at the bottom of the machine. Write it down.


Step 2. Reset to the factory settings

1. Hold the white light FLUX Button, and restart the machine by reattaching power cord, until the light signal shows white-red switching. And wait till the light signal back to white-breathing and green-breathing.

If the light signal still shows white-red switching after 5 mins, please jump to Step 3.

Step 3. Update firmware ( 1.1.7+ ) with USB Drive 

1. Kindly download the latest FLUX Delta firmware and rename it to autoupdate.fxfw

2. Put the file into your USB drive ( Make sure the size of USB drive is less than 64 GB, and is formatted as FAT32 )

3. Plug the USB drive into the Delta and reboot it by reattaching the power cord, and the light signal will go through white-breathing, white-red switching, white & red, and then back to white-breathing and green-breathing. If the machine doesn't act this way, it means that the machine failed to read your USB drive.


Step 4. Setting Wifi configuration wirelessly

1. Download latest FLUX Studio (0.3.17+)

2. Turn on the WiFi list on your computer, connect to the wifi station called FLUX Delta, with your serial number or "flux-delta" as the password 

If you have not seen the name, restart the FLUX Delta once and try again. 

If your machine have been fixed by our RMA system, the serial number may not work. Please send request to our customer service to get your password. 

3. Open FLUX Studio, and choose using WiFi to connect FLUX Delta

If FLUX Studio pops out no machine found, you may change the IP address of the machine to in Menu > File > Preferences > IP and try again.

If you have set the wifi before, or skip settings, you can use Menu > Devices > Add a New Device

4. After you connected to the machine, you are able to set the wifi wirelessly.

If FLUX Studio ask you about device password, the default password is flux-delta


After that you should be able to find your Delta with FLUX Studio, you can use device menu to set the machine as default, and run Help > Printing tutorial. 

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