Scanning Restrictions

3D scanning is a rather new technology, so the performance is still very limited compared with other mature technologies. Especially, you should avoid some certain environment and object conditions when you use the scanning function.

1. The Environment

Beware of enough lighting to show the object clear enough on the monitoring screen. A little backlight will enhance the scanning performance. You could try different settings to get a better scanning result. The idealist condition is that the red light projected on the object could be clearly seen, and the background should remain the same look.

2. The Object Surface

The scanner works best with light, matte, and non-glossy objects. Below are the objects that you could not clearly project the red straight light on. Which will also not generate acceptable scanning results.


Transparent Object

Transparent Object - Original Photo

Transparent Object - Point Cloud


▪ Glossy Object

Glossy Object - Original Photo

Glossy Object - Cloud Point


▪ Fluffy Object


Fluffy Object - Original Photo

Fluffy Object - Point Cloud


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