Troubleshooting: #121 Filament not detected

If this error keeps popping out while you have loaded with the filament, you can do following steps to turn off filament sensor temporarily. In older version, this error was rendered as "Ran out of filaments".
1. Go to Print > Advanced > Expert
2. Insert a line of
detect_filament_runout = 0
3. Apply, and start a new printing task.
If you get "insert the filament" in loading filament interface, and non-working unloading filament, try following workaround

1. Open Device Dashboard using right-top panel

2. Press Ctrl+Alt+D to turn on Developer tools

3. Copy following text

var match_ws = null;
for(var i in window.FLUX.websockets){
var ws = window.FLUX.websockets[i];
if(ws.url && ws.url.indexOf("/ws/control") == 0) match_ws = ws;
match_ws.send("config set filament_detect N");

4. Right click on bottom blue ">", paste, and press enter

5. Restart FLUX Studio
6. Re-enter the interface of changing filament
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