Direct USB-Ethernet-USB Connection

This guide applies to Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10


1. Make sure you've updated FLUX Firmware to latest version

2. Prepare USB to RJ45 + Network Cable + USB to RJ45. Connect one to your computer, and the other to your Delta.

The combination should look like this.


3. Download and open FLUXDeltaConnector.exe. Select Ethernet #X in the dropdown list of network interfaces.

4. Restart FLUX Delta

5. After FLUX Delta successfully initiated, the tool program will detect and show machine's IP

6. Put the IP into FLUX Studio > Menu > File > Preferences > Device IP. And after applying, you may see your FLUX Delta in the device list.


If you removed the connection but want to reconnect, you will need to restart the FLUX Delta for now.

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