Beambox Unboxing Guide

Hello! Thank you for purchasing FLUX Beambox.

This guide will take you through the installing process and help you quickly set up your Beambox.


[ Safety Overview ]


First, lets' get serious. Please make sure you understand the following safety instructions before you start operating.


1. You MUST read through Beambox Safety Precautions before using your Beambox.

2. Using laser cutters is like using a gas stove. NEVER EVER leave the machine unattended during operation.

3. Check the working status periodically to prevent burning.

4. Do not stare at the burning light for too long.


1. Unboxing


1. The unit is quite heavy, make sure you ask someone for assistance when taking your Beambox out. Choose a well-ventilated room and put Beambox on a hard, flat, and stable surface. Remember to leave 20 cm (7.87")  space at the back for the vent hose. 


2. Please watch the video below and install the accessories.

* Tips for removing the film of the acrylic window. There is a very fine layer. Please use a sharp tip to scratch right on the edge of the acrylic and the film will get off. There is no glue on the film so there will be no residue left after removal.


3. Install the vent hose.

If you have purchased extension tubes, kindly check Beambox Tutorial: Connecting ventilation tubes. 


4. Install the wifi dongle and power cable.


5. Keep the mini ranch (for optical path adjustment) at a safe place (where you'll remember).


6. Refill water to the water tank 

Please follow the video tutorial to fill up the water tank with pure water. The water level will decrease quickly after the first use. Please refill the water 2-3 times to keep the water level beyond 80%.

  [ Warnings: Do not operate the machine with an empty water tank! It will cause damage to the laser tube. ]


 7. Powering On


8. Please follow the video below to change the default language  



2. Connecting to Wi-Fi

Use the touch panel to set-up the W-i-Fi. Go to Settings > Network, you can connect the machine to a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi access point. It is recommended to use a regular wifi router, but you can also use a mobile hotspot. Kindly write down the IP address in Settings > Network after the Wi-Fi is set up.




3. Installing Software

1. Please go to the download page, and download the latest Beta version of FLUX Studio. Download the file according to your computer system. For 32-bits computer, please download x86 version.

* If flux_api.exe crashed in windows 7, please install the latest Direct X


2. Go to File > Preferences or FLUX Studio > Preferences in FLUX Studio, and key-in the IP address of your machine here.



Change the default model if you're using Beambox Pro.



3. Updating firmware (Optional)

You can update the firmware through Menu > Machines > [ Your Machine Name ] > Update Firmware. 


4. Start Your First Engraving

Congratulations on finishing the hardest part! Your Beambox is now ready to get working! You can now try your first engraving. Kindly open the subtitle for the video. (The focusing rod shown in the video is the previous version, the new version should be an transparent acrylic rod as shown in the picture below).




If the first engraving is not successful, please follow the instruction of checking optical path and calibrating the camera.


5. Checking Optical Path

Watch the following video and check the position of point A, C, D.  Please follow the video to check your optical path. 

 If you can't get a clear shot at one (or more) of the three spots, the optical path may be adjusted by the tutorial: Adjusting Optical Path


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us through customer support


Thank you for your support. Enjoy your creations!





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