Beambox Unboxing Guide

[ Safety Overview ]

1. MUST read Beambox Safety Precautions before use.

2. NEVER leave the machine unattended during engraving.

3. Prepare a fire extinguisher for emergency.

4. Do not stare at the burning light during engraving.


1.  Installation (20min)

1.1 The unit is heavy. Please ask someone for assistance when taking your Beambox out. Choose a well-ventilated room and put Beambox on a hard, flat, and stable surface. Remember to leave 20 cm (7.87") space at the back for the vent hose.


1.2 Follow the video to install the accessories.

*If you find it is difficult to remove the protecting film of the acrylic panel, use a sharp tip to scratch on the edge of the panel to get the film off. There is no glue on the film. No need to worry about the residue.


1.3 Lubricate the track and axis.


1.4 Install the vent hose.


1.5 Install the USB wifi dongle or antenna and power cable.


1.6 The mini ranch and tape are for optical path adjustment. (optional)


1.7  Fill water to the water tank. You may fill with purified water or filtered water. The water level will decrease quickly after the first use. Remember to refill the water 3-5 times to keep the water level beyond 80%.

WARNING! Do not operate the machine with an empty water tank! It will cause damage to the laser tube. 



2. Setting (10min)

2.1 Power up


2.2 Change the system language.


2.3 Set up WiFi. 

Settings > Network> Select WiFi> Enter WiFi Password.

If the machine connect to WiFi successfully, the IP address will be shown on the panel. Later you will need to enter this IP address to FLUX Studio. 



2.4 Download the latest Beta version of FLUX Studio on the official website. For 32-bits computer, please download the x86 version. If the flux_api.exe crashed in Windows 7, please install the latest Direct X


2.5 Open FLUX Studio> (File) > Preferences. Enter the IP address you just got from the panel.



2.6 Scroll down in the Menu under Preferences and select the default model. (Beambox/Beambox Pro)


2.7  Scroll down in the Menu under Preferences and set Guides Origins. (Optional)

The origin of the machine is on the frame of honeycomb. You may set two reference line at X:8mm and Y:8mm. The origin differ for each machine. You may later use preview to find out the origin of your Beambox. 



2.8  Machines > [ Your Machine Name ] > Update Firmware.


2.9  Machines > [ Your Machine Name ] > Calibrate Camera.

Place a white paper (A4 or letter size). Put down the focusing bar. Adjust the hight of honeycomb platform through the knob until the focusing bar touches the paper. Put back the focusing bar.

The new version of focusing bar is a transparent acrylic bar as shown in the second video below.




3. First Engraving

3.1  Insert Object > Image > Select a JPG/PNG/SVG/DXF file.

You will need to select layering style when importing a SVG/DXF file.

a. Layer: The image will be layered as you arranged in AI or other drawing software.

b. Color: The image will be layered by color.

c. Single Layer: The image will be imported only the outline path.


3.2  Edit size/position/Shading/Threshold of your image.


3.3 Select high resolution if you would like to get a better engraving result for a JPG/PNG file.



3.4 Set the power and speed of engraving. You may choose the reference parameters for some materials. You may also save your parameters. 


3.4 If you have no idea about the which parameter is suitable for your material. Please refer to the instruction- Testing New Materials.


3.5 Place the object you would like to engrave. Put down the focusing bar. Adjust the hight of honeycomb platform through the knob until the focusing bar touches the surface of the object. Put back the focusing bar.

Don't forget to do the hight adjustment every time you put a new object. The focal length is fixed (12mm) but the hight of your object differs. It is important to make sure the surface of the object is on the focal plane. 


3.6 If you are going to engrave on a pillar object, please refer to the instruction- Rotary Module Tutorial Guide. 


3.7 Use Preview function to find the right position for the image. You may click the camera cursor to take a picture or drag the camera cursor to preview a larger part.



3.8  During the engraving, you cannot adjust the power and speed from FLUX Studio. But you can adjust the percentage on the touching panel of the machine.


3.9 You may save your work from FLUX Studio.


a. Export FLUX task: Save as a .fc file. You will not able to change anything of the work, including parameters of speed and power.

b. Save Scene: Save as .bvg file. You can import the file for further editing.




Hope you get your first work successfully. If you need any assistance, please submit a request or send a inbox message via facebook fan page- FLUX Inc.

Enjoy realizing your great ideas with Beambox. Welcome to join the User's group and share your works on Facebook.





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