Beambox Unboxing Guide

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Hello! Thank you for purchasing FLUX Beambox.

The following content will guide you through the installing process,

and help you quickly understand the machine.


[ Safety Warnings ]

1. YOU MUST read through Beambox Safety Notes before using your Beambox.

2. Using laser cutters is like using a gas stove. NEVER, NEVER leave the machine unattended during operation.

3. Check the status periodically to prevent burning.

4. Do not stare at the burning light for too long.


1. Unboxing

1. Remove the tape, take out the machine and put it on a steady table.

2. Take out the accessories ( Ventilation tube and accessories box) and cuts the ties of rails.

3. Remove the protecting film of the acrylic panel (The window for the top cover), and align with six inner screws of the top cover. If it doesn't fit, try to rotate or flip it.

4. For the top cover, screw fixtures in following orders: Washer ( Donut shaped ), Hex Nut, and the Cap ( Hat shaped ).

5. Put two grey impact-proofing damper in the accessories box to the round holes on the front cover.



6. Remove the sponge fixture of the air pump. It is located at the left of the ventilation fan.


7. Installing the ventilation tube

If you have purchased extension tubes, kindly check Beambox Tutorial: Connecting ventilation tubes.



8. Install the wifi dongle and power cable.


9. Keep the mini ranch (for optical path adjustment) at a safe place. 


10. Add water to the water tank

After opening the back cover of the water tank, use a coin to open the cap, and add pure water to it. You'll need to refill around three times to fill the whole circulating system. [ Warnings: Do not operate the machine with an empty water tank ]



11. Powering On


2. Connecting the Machine

There is three way to connect the machine:

1. Connecting through the ethernet

By connecting ether cables on the backside of Beambox, you will see an IP address in Settings > Network. Kindly write down the IP here.

2. Connecting through Wi-Fi

In Settings > Network, you can connect the machine to a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi access point. It is recommended to use a regular wifi router, but you can also use a mobile hotspot. Kindly write down the IP in Settings > Network after you set the Wi-Fi.


3. Installing Software

1. Please go to the downloading page, and download version above 1.0.0. Download the file according to your computer system. For 32-bits computer, please download x86 version.

* If flux_api.exe crashed in windows 7, please install the latest Direct X


2. Go to "File > Preferences" or"FLUX Studio > Preferences" in FLUX Studio, and input the IP of your machine here.


Change the default model if you're using Beambox Pro.



3. Updating firmware (Optional)

You can update the firmware through Menu > Machines > [ Your Machine Name ] > Update Firmware.


4. Checking Optical Path

If the path is not aligned, please check Beambox Tutorial: Adjusting Optical Path.



5. Calibrating the Camera (Optional)

Camera calibration is needed if you want to use the feature of camera preview. First, put a blank A4 paper on the left top of the workspace, pull down the focusing bar, use the rotary button to adjust the height of the platform until the end of focusing bar touches the blank paper, and then pull back the focusing bar. If the pound sign does not show up, adjust the power rate on the panel to 1.0.



6. Start Your First Engraving

Congratulations! The machine is ready to go. You can now try your first engraving. Kindly open the subtitle for the video.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us through customer support or call +886-2-2732-6750.

Thank you for your support. Enjoy your creations!





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