Rotary Attachment Tutorial


*Attention: Please update the Flux Studio (1.2.3+) and the machine firmware (1.8.3+) before use.


1. Remove the honeycomb platform and place the attachment into the machine. The attachment body should be on the right.



2. Remove the first screw on the left side of the touchscreen and the case can be opened.



3. Make the two cable of the switching box go through the bottom side of the mainboard.


4. Remove the exist Y axis motor cable and plug the blue-white cable of the switching box back to the connector on the mainboard.




(Y motor connector on a different version of mainboard)



5. Plug and connect the removed Y axis motor cable into the colored cable of the switching box.

6. After the two cable of the switching box is connected, place and fix the switching box to the side of the chamber.

7. Plug the cable of the rotary attachment into the switching box. Then install the adjusting knob into the right side of the rotary attachment body.

8. Place a cylindrical working object and adjust the distance of the two rollers of the attachment. Fix the distance by tighten up the adjusting knob.

9. Open the FLUX Studio version 1.2.1 or higher and activate the rotary function from the advanced menu on the left. A blue horizontal line will appear. This line is the rotating axis.

10. Use the camera preview to find the position of the actual rotating axis and drag the blue line to it.

11. Edit the graphic to be engraved and adjust the power speed and press to start.

12. When the message box showed on the software or the touchscreen, toggle the switching box to the rotary icon. After the chamber door is closed, press and continue to start the work.

13. After the work is done, remember to toggle the switching box back to the moving axis to proceed another task.



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