Beambox Camera Preview Troubleshooting


If the machine get stuck when starting camera preview, please check below:

1. If the machine is brand new, please check if the camera USB connection fell off during shipping. If it did, reconnect the cable and try the preview again.



2. If the preview used to work but start having issue, please do the following check:

a. Press the Maintain button on the screen.

b. Move the laser head to the middle of the working area.

c. Press the Snapshot button to take a picture.

If you get a realtime picture, it should be an internet connection issue. Contact us for further troubleshooting.

If you get a small blue question mark icon, the USB of the camera need to be replaced. Please request a new cable from us and the replacement procedure is below.


Camera USB cable replacement 

1. Test if the new cable works.

Remove the old connector on the camera. Plug in one end of the new cable. Plug the other USB plug into the back side of the machine. Then test the camera function by pressing Maintain -> Snapshot on the touchscreen. If you can get a realtime picture, please continue the process.



2. Remove the old USB cable

Chop off the connector of the old USB cable so the removal is easier. 


3. Pull the old USB cable out from the left side of the X-axis cable chain.



4. Pull out the USB cable from the Y-axis cable chain.



5. The USB connection at the end of the cable can be found when the old USB cable is fully pulled out. Disconnect the old cable and connect the new one.


6. Make the new cable through the same route. Tweezers might help when making it through.



7. It will be easier if the cable is fully stretched out at the curved position of the chain. Continue the process until it goes all the way through.



8. Continue the process of the X-axis cable chain.




9. Connect the cable back to the camera and it's done.










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