7.5 Water Cooler Maintenance

It is recommended that the water should be changed once every 3 months.

1. Remove the screw on the handle of the back lid and open the lid.


2. Remove the hose clamp with pliers and pull apart the hose from the white connector of the flow sensor. Place the two ends of the hose into a container to prevent water from spilling out.

3. Blow air into one end of the water pipe so the water will come out of the other end.

4 Open the water tank and fill in cooling water by a funnel. Seal the tank when finished.

▲ Open the water tank by the small wrench

mceclip3.png▲ Fill the tank by a funnel. Watch the water level carefully to prevent from spilling over

mceclip4.png Watch the water level carefully to prevent from spilling over. Distilled water is strongly recommended.

5. Restart the machine. Touch Panel > Maintenance > Pump. The water in the tank will be pushed into
the cooling system. Repeat 4, 5 until the water level of the tank no longer decreases.

mceclip5.png Too many bubbles sticking in the laser tube may decrease the cooling efficiency. It is recommended to fill the water tank more than 80% to decrease bubble generation.


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