2.2 What's in the box

1. Place the box on the floor and unseal the box.

mceclip1.png2. Remove the cushions on the four corners and take out the machine. Have two people lift the unit out of the box. Keep the packaging in case of transportation in the future.


3. Open the front door and take out the duct.

Remove the foam on the air pump then take out the accessory box.

4. In the accessory box are

① Wi-Fi dongle
② lubricant
③ duct clamp
④ double-sided tape
⑤ power cord
⑥ small wrench
⑦ magnets
⑧ dampers
⑨ washers
⑩ nuts

5. Front view:

① focus probe
② honeycomb platform
③ level adjustment knob
④ touch panel
⑤ power button


6. Rear view:

① main switch
② Power Inlet 
③ Ethernet port
④ USB port
⑤ grounding cable
⑥ exhaust fan



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