4.1 User Interface


A. Object Placement
mceclip4.png:Zoom in and zoom out
mceclip5.png:Group multiple items together
mceclip6.png:Ungroup items
mceclip0.png:Align multiple items horizontally
mceclip1.png:Align multiple items vertically
mceclip2.png:Distribute selected items horizontally between the left and right borders
mceclip3.png:Distribute all selected items vertically between the top and bottom borders
mceclip4.png:Merge and unite multiple items into one
mceclip5.png:Subtract the overlapping area of two items
mceclip6.png:Keep only the overlapping area of multiple items


 B. Object Editing
mceclip7.png:Select or move a specific object
mceclip8.png:Import JPG/PNG/SVG/DXF file. You can also drag the file into the software
mceclip9.png:Font, size and spacing can be set when a text object is created. Enable Infill or "Outline"
mceclip10.png:Set dimensions for a round object
mceclip11.png:Set dimensions for an oval object
mceclip12.png:Set dimensions for a polygon object
mceclip13.png:Create a vector curve
mceclip14.png:Copy selected objects into a rectangular array
mceclip15.png:Enable / disable camera preview


C. Layer Management
mceclip16.png:Create and name a new layer
mceclip17.png:Delete selected layer
mceclip18.png:Rename selected layer
mceclip19.pngmceclip20.png:Sequence arrangement. Working sequence will be top to bottom.


D. Power and Speed Setting
Parameters for commonly used material can be found in the "Parameters…" drop down menu. Customized parameters can be set using "Save". Use "Manage" to edit or remove saved parameters. Power is set by percentage which means a 40W machine can output 40W if the power setting is 100%. Speed is set by mm per second. Execution count can be set to repeat the same action on a single layer.

mceclip22.pngParameters may vary with different materials. Try built-in parameters on first run and then fine tune the parameters for better results.

mceclip23.pngPower setting is recommended to not exceed 70% to avoid drastic consumption of laser tube.

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