5.2 Wood

・Types of wood

mceclip0.png・Medium-density Fiberboard (MDF)
   MDF is a wood product made by wood fibers and resin binder formed under high temperature
and pressure. The resin binder has a significant effect on the fume generated during laser process. Low
formaldehyde MDF is recommended to reduce harmful fumes.

   Plywood is made by layers of wood veneer or wood fiber glued together. Low formaldehyde
plywood is recommended to reduce harmful fumes.

mceclip2.png・Solid Wood
   Solid wood might have uneven grain when engraved due to growth rings. The uneven
density of wood can cause such result which is very usual.


・Engraving results on wood
The slower the speed, the darker the engraved result.
The higher the power, the deeper the cutting depth.
To achieve a darker effect, slowing down the speed is usually more useful than raising the power.

・How To Prevent Burn Marks On Wood
Cover the surface with masking tape prior to printing, or remove the marks with sandpaper. The alternative is to slightly wet the wood, but it might cause bumps on the surface.

・How To Reduce Burn Edge On Wood
Clean the edges with alcohol or soapy water, or choose wood with lower density, so the cutting speed can be faster, leaving lighter edge marks.

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